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Pr. François-Xavier PERRIN

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Pr. François-Xavier PERRIN is graduated in Chemistry from the University of Marseille. He obtained his PhD from the University of Besançon (France) working on the electropolymerization of phenol derivatives and heterocyclic compounds. In 1998, he joined the MAPIEM (Materiaux Polymères Interfaces Environnement Marin) Laboratory. His research activities are focused on two fields : first, the weathering of organic and composite materials and the adequacy between artificial and natural ageing tests and second, the protection of metals by environmentally safe coatings. He contributed to fundamental and applied research with the development of new hybrid and nanocomposite materials by either bottom-up or top-down approaches.

He notably published several papers on the formation of clay or nanosilica– polymer hybrid materials by a controlled modification at a molecular level of the clay material (kaolin or montmorillonite). More recently, he developed new anticorrosive pigments based on nanocarbon and conductive polymers. Dr. Perrin is currently the author or co-author of 65 publications and 3 international Patent Claims.

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Pr. Anthony SZYMCZYK

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Prof. Dr.Anthony SZYMCZYK

Université de Rennes 1

Institut des Sciences Chimiques de Rennes (UMR CNRS 6226)

Group leader “Chimie et Ingénierie des Procédés »

Phone: +33 2 23236528

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anthony Szymczyk received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in 1999 at the University of Franche-Comté (France). He is currently Full Professor of the University of Rennes 1 where he teaches Thermodynamics and Membrane processes.

Prof. Szymczyk's research lies at the interface of chemical engineering, chemistry of materials and physics of condensed matter. His main research activities focus on the modeling and simulation of membrane separations for desalination and water purification, and on the physico-chemical characterization of membrane materials with applications in functionalization, fouling, ageing... He published about 130 scientific papers and book chapters on these topics. In 2013 he was the recipient of the IUPAC distinguished Award for Novel Materials and their Synthesis for his work on ion transport through nanoporous membranes. He was a member of the council of the European Membrane Society (2011-2014) and he served as Vice-President in 2013 and 2014.

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Pr. Naima BOUSLAH MOKHNACHI is a teacher/research director at the faculty of Chemistry, USTHB. She has obtained a doctoral thesis (Doctoratd’Etat )  in Macromolecular Chemistry from University of Sciences and Technology HouariBouediene in 2008. She is responsible of the research team "Materials" at the Macromolecular and Thio-organic Macromolecular Synthesis Laboratory.She has authored or co-authored severalarticlesandreviewed research papers for international journals such as Materials Science and Engineering C, Polymer, etc. She has managed and/or participated to over than ten research projects on polymer applications in different fields.She is the co-founder of the “Polymers and composites” Master program thatis currently taught at the Faculty of Chemistry, USTHB. She superviseddoctor, Magister, Master and Engineerstudents.She has been member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Chemistry USTHB and the Scientific Council of the Macromolecular Department of the same faculty.Her research interests include polymer blends, polymer nanocomposites, hydrogels, polymeric systems in drug delivery, polymeric materials characterization, polymer recycling, biopolymers and environment, polymers for photonic.

Affiliation : Macromolecular and Thio-organic Macromolecular Synthesis Laboratory ,  Macromolecular Department, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Sciences and Technology, HouariBoumediene.
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Prof. Djafer BENACHOUR                                                               

After graduation from the National Polytechnic School of Algiers with an Engineering degree in Petrochemistry/Polymers in June 1976, Prof. Djafer BENACHOUR went to the USA for postgraduate studies. He attended an intensive program of English language at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge (September 1976-June 1977), then moved to Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland,Ohio, (August 1977) where he obtained a Master of Science (May 1980) and a Ph.D. (August 1982) degrees from the department of “Macromolecular Science”.                           

In October 1982, he joined the University of SETIF (ALGERIA) where he contributed to the opening of three programs: an “Engineering degree” in Polymer Engineering (January 1983). then a “Magister” degree  in Macromolecular Science (September 1985), followed by a “Ph.D. program” in Macromolecular Science and Engineering (September 1990). Currently, he is a full time professor of Polymer Science and Engineering at Ferhat ABBAS SETIF1University (Algeria).  He was Rector (President) of this university from October 1991 until August 2000. Prof. BENACHOUR has been chairing a research laboratory on “Multiphase Polymeric Materials” (LMPMP) since July 2000. He was vice-president of the Algerian Chemical Society for 15 years. Prof. BENACHOUR has been involved in chemistry education at different institutional levels for the past 36 years.  He was a member of several panels on Chemistry/Chemical Engineering curricula development and updating, both at national and international levels. He supervised 32 Master/Magister and 28 Ph.D. theses over the last 26 years. He is the author/co-author of 85 international scientific publications.

In September 2005, he became a member of the “Committee on Ethics and Deontology” of  Ferhat ABBAS SETIF1 University, and was elected as Chair of such a committee in May 2015.Tel. mobile : 0772 60 03 26
e-mails: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.          and        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Full professor, INP-ENSIACET, Université de Toulouse, France
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; +33626112687

Permanent and temporary appointments
1999-present Full Professor at INP-ENSIACET (Professeur des Universités 1ère Classe)
2015-2017 Adjunct Professor at Kyungpook National University (SK)
2013-2014 Joint Researcher at King Abdulaziz University (SA)
1998-1999 Postdoctoral fellow at Kyoto University (JP)
1991-1993 Project Engineer at CIATEJ (MX)

1997 PhD with European Label “Agroresources Sciences” INPT (FR)
1994 MSc Chemical reactivity of vegetal raw materials INPT (FR)
1991 BEng Chemical Engineering University of Guadalajara (MX)

Cellulose derivatives, Biorefinery of microalgae, Reactivity of lipids
Grants: Industry: 1050 k€, Semi-public: 1213 k€, European: 1070 k€
Papers: 46 Indexed peer-reviewed publications (average IF= 2.215), 11 Original patents (10 PCT), 8 Chapters of books, 89 communications (28 invited conferences)
14 PhD supervised students
Jury in 33 defences for PhD or Tenure (French HDR)

Selected Responsibilities
2016-present Deputy Director of the Laboratory of Agro-Industrial Chemistry (UMR 1010)
2011-2015 Director of the Laboratory of Agro-Industrial Chemistry (UMR 1010)
2016-present Vice-president of CRT CATAR Agroressources
2009-present Head Officer of International Relations at INP-ENSIACET
2013-2016 Member of the Management Committee for the cost TD1203 program EUBis (food waste for non-food industrial applications).
2013-2016 Coordinator of a PREFALC project for the internationalisation of Master programs in Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, Equator, Argentina)
2013-2016 Elected member of the Administration board for INP-ENSIACET
2011-present Member of the Scientific Council of the Doctoral School “Sciences de la Matière”
2007-present Member of the Advisory Editorial Board for the journal BioFPR
2005-present Member of the Scientific Committee for the “Renewable Resources and Biorefineries Conference” (RRB)
2001-2010 Head of the Green Chemistry Program at INPT
2004-2011 Leader of the research group Chemical modification of polyols and lipids

2009 Scientific award from the Académie d’Occitanie
2007 “Pierre Potier” Award. National prize for the Industrial innovation in chemistry for the benefit of environment.
2006 26th Innovation Award Midi-Pyrénées. 2nd prize.